Foxx Consulting, LLC.

I created Foxx Consulting out of love. My love for beauty, my love for fashion and my love for people. I wanted a way to help people look they way they felt inside. A lot of times we may have the perfect outfit in mind but it may not be the right occasion to wear it or we may need additional assistance when it comes to picking out the right shade of foundation for your skin tone and sometimes we just need somone to say "let me help you with your vision" What ever the case maybe Foxx Consulting, LLC. would like the opportunity to take your image to the next level.

-Image is Everything-


 Foxxd Up

Welcome to Foxxland! if you are visiting this website it's  because you saw something that intrigued you and wanted to discover more, well you have come to the right place. We believe that image is everything and the first impression of you should be the best impression! We have the power to create an image that can not be destroyed if we carry the key components to representation and the number one key comeponent is Confidence. I am the biggest, baddest, boldest person I know and that's referred as Confidence and if nothing else I know how I like to be represented and I wish that for everyone who visits this site. I hope you find what makes you happy because that is all we should be in pursuit of. Smooches.