Foxxd Up

Carmel Foxx

​What is "Get Foxxd Up" you ask well let me break it down. In the 70s the term Fox was used to describe a really beautiful, fierce or (Pam Grier as Foxy Brown) was described a whole lot of woman. Whether it was the way she dressed or the way she walked in a room her confidence and attitude made her a Foxx. I added an additional (X) for character and because there has always been something Xtra about me! I aopted the name Carmel Foxx as a teenager which was used to describe the way I dressed the way I did my hair and the way I carried myself and it has been my alter ego ever since.  Whenever I get dressed up or whenever I'm  feeling supper fancy or even just playing in makeup and beauty products is what I call Get Foxxd Up. My passion for beauty has evolved to a level to where I can now advise others on how to find what works for them. Get Foxxd Up is my spin on helping others find what looks, feels, and sounds like the person they wish to be. or the image they wish to have.

​Be Bold, Be Confident, Be YOU! image is everything Get Foxxd Up Today!

-Image is Everything-